Invasion and Infringement 《 入侵與騎劫 》
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Invasion and Infringement 《 入侵與騎劫 》

Intrude the exhibition and infringe the works

The self-explanatory piece covered up “Projecting Window” in 2009 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism Architecture with hundreds of Hong Kong on-street posters and advertisements – which can be found on every unimaginable parts of the city. It visioned the ultimate cityscape of man, society, or even an architectural art piece could not save itself from being intruded by advertisements, nor business acts.
In the era of consumerism and information overflow, advertisements are infringing every single slit of the city, and flooding information into the vein of town. We were forced to receive advertisements which we never intended to enjoy..

Creation, or disaster?

Our city is occupied by advertisement boards and signs, a “parasite” feeding off the face of the city – A man-made catastrophe to the city. My infringement to “Projecting Window” could be a disaster, too.




《入侵與騎劫》計劃是一次在2009年在”香港深圳城市建築雙城雙年展 2009” 展期當中的一次誇界別的藝術活動。

入侵展覽 騎劫作品