Gaze 物凝視
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Gaze 物凝視


“When I gaze at her, she also gazes at me, creating a non-physical spiritual distance. The forever gaze, the forever wait.”

“Gaze”, apart from “seeing”, means prolonged and focused viewing. The term is widely used in psychology and sociology as the relation between viewer and those being viewed.

To me, “Gaze” originates from film, a camera filming a character gazing at someone and something, and I am also gazing at characters on the screen, each projecting emotions, in which this delicate relation needs no words.

In our lives, when we gaze at insignificant objects, in turn discover that they seem to gaze at us as well, an even stronger gaze than we could imagine. Such imagination is essential in our lives, because there is always someone and something gazing at us and projects emotions, only that we are ignorant of that.