Frozen Time 冷與靜的時光
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Frozen Time 冷與靜的時光

My heart is filled with a touch of romance in the very first arrival of cold and icy unknown. This romance ends in familiar loneness. I have no resistance to this old friend. Fly me to the mid-air of emptiness and flourish my sensation to a fresh surprise.

The surprise revives the profound ME. My fingers are frozen in this blank atmosphere, so does the time stand still and witness the departure of any possible happiness. Nothing seems to retain except my camera and my own body temperature. My truth is amplified for real and thus shall always be sealed in my memory.

“Lost in date, Lost in time, Lost in name, Lost in temperature, Found in touch”


反而在這地,寂寞得以放大讓我好好的去感受,經驗過後便是新一輪的自我思考, 更了解自己的喜惡。 在一個可以把手指凍得亳無知覺的境地,時空將要凝結下來,跟幸福的團隊走遠,拿著手中的工具跟自己剩下的體溫在活動,我要記住內心感覺被放大的一刻。