Buddha’s Light is Shinning – One 佛光普照 - 壹
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Buddha’s Light is Shinning – One 佛光普照 - 壹

尺寸 (長闊高)
121cm x 121cm x 225cm

亞加力膠板,LED 金屬燈箱,LED 燈帶,黑鐵板,黑鐵枝。
Acrylic Plate , LED Lightbox , LED Light-belt , Iron Plate , Iron Bar.

Religious artwork often brings us comfort amidst the chaotic world. I once encountered in a temple a glowing Buddha statue – the divine light was artificial yet intriguing. It offered peace of mind, and connected with mortal beings amusingly in a modern manner.

Buddha’s light is shining – No. 1 is a metaphor for buddha’s raidiating wisdom, enlightening and bestwoing blessings on us. Created on the belief that we could all attain buddhahood, the work invites us to shine on the platform, and let go of the attachments that are burdening us. It encourages every one to project warmth to others in the face of challenges in life.